Part 2 Enformable's first hand report from the Chernobyl site

This is Part 2  from Lucas Hixson, Enformable creator and Beyond Nuclear board member, on his first hand experience at the Chernobyl decommissioning site in northern Ukraine.  April 26, 2016 marks the three decades since the nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986 radioactively contaminated sections of Europe as far away as Scotland.



Beyond Nuclear testifies before Congress against Mobile Chernobyl, Yucca, and parking lot dumps

Detailed maps showing DOE's proposed Yucca dump bound high-level radioactive waste rail shipping routes in downtown Chicago.Beyond Nuclear's radioactive waste watchdog, Kevin Kamps, was invited as a witness at a hearing on "Transporting Nuclear Materials," held by the U.S. House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee, Environment and the Economy Subcommittee on Oct. 1st. See the hearing description, with links to the witnesses' written testimony, as well as a video recording of the hearing, here.

Learn more about the hearing, including links to Kevin's introductory remarks and full written testimony, at Beyond Nuclear's Radioactive Waste website section. You can also see a backgrounder, prepared by Beyond Nuclear and Nuclear Energy Information Service of IL, about DOE's plans to ship high-level radioactive waste by rail into the heart of downtown Chicago (see map, left). And last but not least, learn what you can do to help stop the Mobile Chernobyl, by taking action action NRC's attempt to revive the cancelled Yucca dump. More.


Enformable's report from visit to Chernobyl

Lucas Hixson, the website Enformable's creator and Beyond Nuclear Board Member, recently returned from a visit to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Ukraine. Here is Enformable's first in a series of editorials the website is posting as we approach the 30th commemoration of the nuclear catastrophe that has had global impact beyond the radioactively contaminated reactor site.


FirstEnergy to file License Amendment Request on Davis-Besse Shield Building severe, and worsening, cracking; opponents vow legal action

The Davis-Besse "White Wash of 2012," applied 40 years too late, backfired by locking water in the walls, which now worsens the Shield Building cracking every time it freezes!

A 38-year old atomic reactor, that has had more close calls with catastrophe than any other in the U.S., that can't compete, with a concrete containment that is literally at risk of falling apart, wants a multi-billion dollar ratepayer bailout, in order to keep operating for 22 more years?! More.


Beyond Nuclear on "The Big Picture": Radioactive flood waters, seafood contamination, growth of Japanese anti-nuke movement

Radio and t.v. news anchor Thom HartmannTelevision news host Thom Hartmann of "The Big Picture" on RT (photo, left) interviewed Beyond Nuclear's radioactive waste watchdog Kevin Kamps on the latest from Fukushima Daiichi: historic floods after Typhoon Etau washing entire radioactively contaminated landscapes downstream, to contaminate new areas, or even to re-contaminate previously de-contaminated areas; the chronic release of radioactive groundwater into the ocean, bio-accumulating in the seafood chain; and the successes of the Japanese anti-nuclear power movement, including one of its newest members, former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi.