Help stop high-level radioactive waste environmental injustice, comment on Feb. 23

Please note: shut down reactor sites are not shown; also, truck shipments would require a license amendment to be approved by NRC, as WCS's current application is for rail (and related barge) shipments.Waste Control Specialists (WCS) in West Texas has applied to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a license to construct and operate a "centralized interim storage facility" for 40,000 metric tons of commercial irradiated nuclear fuel, more than half of what exists in the U.S.

The "host" county, Andrews, has a large Latin American population, as well as many low income residents; so too does Eunice, New Mexico, just four miles from WCS across the state border.

This de facto permanent parking lot dump would launch 4,000 high-risk Mobile Chernobyl train car shipments, traveling through most states (see map, above left; click here for a larger version).

A significant number would initially travel by barge on surface waters -- Floating Fukushimas on lakes, rivers, and seacoasts -- just to reach the nearest rail head. Dirty Bomb on Wheels security risks would abound.

On Thurs., Feb. 23, from 1-4pm Eastern, NRC will hold an environmental scoping public comment opportunity, accessible by call-in teleconference and/or Webinar (in-person attendance is also an option for those near enough NRC's HQ in Rockville, MD).

NRC's Webinar link will go live in real time. The toll free call-in/teleconference number is (800) 619-9084; Passcode 3009542.

Beyond Nuclear has assembled sample comments you can use to prepare your own, for oral submission at next week's meeting, whether in-person or via Webcast/call-in, and/or for written submission by the March 13th deadline, via email, online Web form, or snail mail. Please take part, make comments, and spread the word! More 


Beyond Nuclear on Thom Hartmann's "The Big Picture": "Fukushima Is Still Melting Down..."

(11 minute long interview posted online)

Fukushima Is Still Melting Down...

Big Picture Interview: Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear. Almost 6 years after a massive meltdown - radiation levels at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant in Japan are as dangerously high as ever. So is nuclear power ever worth the risk?


Help protect St.Louis drinking water!

A campaign is underway to petition elected officials in Missouri to protect the St. Louis drinking water threatened by the nuclear weapons wastes dumped in the West Lake Landfill. Please download and print the new palm card (here in triplicate for easy reproduction) and help spread the word. Palm Card text follows.

The radioactive wastes at West Lake Landfill threaten drinking water. These nuclear weapons wastes are contaminating the groundwater in the floodplain of the Missouri River — the water that many of us drink.

These radioactive wastes threaten our health. Exposure to radiation can cause birth defects, cancer, and genetic mutations. West Lake wastes contain some of the most dangerous materials on Earth.

These wastes must be removed. They will continue to release radioactive particles and rays virtually forever. Heavy rain, a flood, or a fire could increase the spread of the wastes. Unless removed, these wastes also threaten the economic health of our St. Louis region.


Federal judge greenlights unprecedented, high-risk, highly radioactive liquid waste truck shipments from Ontario to South Carolina

Political cartoon by Adam Zyglis, The Buffalo NewsMedia coverage:

WIBV TV, Buffalo, NY; Le Téléjournal Ontario (in French); Citizen-Times of Asheville, NC; Aiken Standard; Sierra Club's Green Life; Augusta Chronicle; Buffalo News; WLOS, ABC News Channel 13 in Western North Carolina; CHCH, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada TV.

Press release by environmental coalition, including Beyond Nuclear, re: judge's adverse ruling, allowing unprecedented, high-risk, highly radioactive liquid waste truck shipments from Chalk River Nuclear Lab, Ontario, Canada to Savannah River Site, South Carolina, U.S.A. (See the judge's 18-page Memorandum Opinion, and 1-page Order of Dismissal, both dated Feb. 2, 2017.) Terry Lodge of Toledo, Ohio and Diane Curran of Washington, D.C. serve as the environmental coalition's legal counsel.

U.S. Rep. Brian Higgins (D-NY): Higgins Announces Approval of Bill Authorizing Risk Assessment of Proposed Nuclear Waste Transport across the Peace Bridge (Feb. 1, 2017).


Beyond Nuclear on Solartopia Radio re: Collapse of Atomic Energy Industry

THE COLLAPSE OF THE ATOMIC ENERGY INDUSTRY once again comes to Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour Radio. [The show is at 5pm Eastern on Thursday, Feb. 2nd -- listen live! -- and will be posted at the Solartopia Radio Show's archives afterward.]

LINDA SEELEY of the San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace fills us in on the catastrophic Diablo Canyon nukes, surrounded by earthquake faults and in a tsunami zone.  We examine the deal being made to shut it down, and the effort to make that happen faster.

KEVIN KAMPS of Beyond Nuclear and TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service chime in on the collapse of Westinghouse, the overages in nuclear construction around the world, the appointment of an non-regulatory new chair for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the procession of state bailouts, and much more.

As we approach a green-powered Earth, we pray no more of these obsolete, obscene nukes will explode, and that the transition to renewables will proceed as fast as possible.

Thanks to host Harvey Wasserman for having us on once again. It's an honor and a privilege to appear alongside colleagues from NIRS and Mothers for Peace!